Quality Matters

In a global market where new products can be conceived and mass produced simultaneously on various continents, there are many challenges to guarantee reliable and consistent product standards from the point of origin to the end user. Any mishap in oversight and control, product testing and quality inspections as products are brought to different world markets can have devastating and costly consequences to the end user.

With a passion for quality and perfection, Zoyo engineers its products in-house to the last detail, including LED printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic drivers, software, mechanical housings, and optics. Starting with great LEDs is important; however how LEDs are managed in a system makes all the difference.


Along with our rigorous quality control, safety is at our core. Our priority at Zoyo is the production of UL, cUL, CE, and ROHS certified LED products. And our factory is certified by ISO 9001. Our business builds on the utmost protection of user safety.

Exacting Binning Processing

Zoyo can adopts minimum 1 bins for its signage LED products, this exacting binning process ensures white color consistency, from module to module, batch to batch.

Reliability Testing

  • Salt spray test
  • UV test
  • Thermal shock
  • High temperature storage test
  • Low temperature storage test
  • Humidity and high-low temperature alternating test
  • Vibration testing
    Zoyo’s products are 100% burned-in prior to shipment. The burn-in process assists in verifying proper functionality at-temperature and over time (typically 24 hours).


After independent LM79 & LM80 testing, Zoyo’s signage LED products proved that 0% light loss after 6000 hours and 1% light loss after 8000 hours. After 5 years, the amount of light emitted from Zoyo’s signage LED will decay only 7%.

Testing facilities


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